Who is HornForHire?

HornForHire is Wim Koopman, a Dutch saxophone player with almost thirty years of live playing experience. He's played professionaly in a cover band for ten years, playing styles ranging from Jazz to Rock. He also sings and plays keyboards, guitar, bass and drums.


In 2004 he built a home studio and started recording his own music. He uses Cubase 7 software. Besides Pop/Rock songs, with a variety of influences like Jazz, Funk and Soul, he also makes Jazz/instrumental music. You'll find examples of his work on the music page.


On the studio page you'll find some pictures and information about the equipment he uses.


He's a member of the Cubase community and through this forum he collaborates, via the Internet, on many projects with people from all over the world.
This makes him a regular 'Horn For Hire'...

You can find examples of these collaborations on the collabs page.

Video clip

In September 2005 a video clip of 'You Make My Heart Grow' was made for TV Drenthe. Click here to watch it.



Photo: Karen Baard-deBloois

Wim Koopman also makes oil paintings, check his website www.wimkoopman.com



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